Multan Waste Management Company Lawful Advisor Job October 2021 | Latest Govt Jobs

With their dream to make the city of Multan greener, cooler and cleaner for its residents. Multan Waste Management Company has created an opportunity that is perfect for those looking into working in this sector. Not only will you get a chance at improving your skills but also be able to work alongside other like-minded professionals.

MWMC Job Details

MUMC offers legal advisor services on retainership premise according to the following rules:

Qualifications required: Minimum LLB, not less than three years experience as lawyer or paralegal from a recognized corporate law firm with relevant qualifications. For more information contact us via email[email protected]

Making sure you have all your bases covered is our job. We’ve got the expertise in civil and criminal prosecution, service matters like Domestic or International agreements along administrative capacities to handle everything else that comes up at work.



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